Full Service Wedding

Menu / Quote Sample

Gary and Trudy get married

Location: Regional winery

3rd of November

124 guests, 6 kids 7-14, 6 babies

5 pescatarians, 9 vegetarians, 2 vegans, 5 gluten free

2 allergy to shellfish, 1 to eggs, 1 to sesame, 2 to garlic & onion

All drinks, glassware and bar staff supplied by family. Dining area setup also. 

4:00 to 4:30pm – Ceremony under the trees


4:45 to 6:00pm – Canapes on the lawn. We use house kitchen to plate.

Little beef pies, some vegan tartlets

Pea risotto cakes, flower stock, beet salsa v, gf

Jars of kangaroo skewers with native dukkah gf

Asparagus and goats cheese brioche, grilled spears v, some gf

Panko nori roll and dipping sauce – some gf, v

Cauliflower fritters v, gf

700 pieces $3500


6:00 to 6:00pm – Walk across paddock to dining shed. 3 rows plus bridal 12


Welcome and speeches, wine water and bread rolls on tables


7:00 to 8:00pm – Shared mains

Spring chicken!!! gf

Grilled ocean trout fillets

Mt Beckworth free range porcetta gf

Potato wedges roasted with fennel gf, v

Root vegetable salad, Persian cress, strawberry vinegar gf, v

Broccoli, spinach and balsamic reduction gf, v

Veggie terrine w smoked tofu gf, v

Pumpkin tossed with spicy glazed lentils gf, v

$59 per head
includes crockery, cutlery, serving ware


8:00pm – Speeches


8:30pm – Cake Moment


9:00pm – Dessert Table (Bite Sizes)

Classic profiteroles

Nice little pear pastries

Chocolate brownie

Lemon tartlets some gf

Mini pavs gf

400 pieces $2200


Tea and coffee station.

We ask the elders for orders.


Staffing including bar, if required, at $62 per hour

Pls supply bbq, 4 trestles and heatlie 12 shelf warming oven to kitchen