Yoga Retreat

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Nicole and Heath get married

Location: At Home

March 2021

70 guests

Nicole is pescatarian

Dinner Friday

Fiji potato curry

Spaghetti squash fritters

Cassava chips

Toasted rice

Quinoa and broccoli salad

Pickles and condiments


Individual meringue, berry mash, local cream, toasted almonds


Morning Tea Saturday

Spiced nuts, sage frittata, nashi chips and friand


Lunch Saturday

 Curried tempeh and cauliflower salad

Beetroot soup

Sour cream and sauerkraut


Afternoon Tea Satuday

Lemonade cake 


Dinner Satuday

Moroccan bean tagine

Two tone carrots in nigella

Winter greens stirfried with walnuts

Baked swedes with weeds and seeds

Jeweled couscous


Slow roasted quince crumble, coconut cream


Morning Tea Sunday

Quince paste and cheese, seedy crackers, sweet chestnut pops


Lunch Sunday

Leek and potato soup

Dragon carrot velveteen with crutes

Risotto cake

Garden salad


2 course dinner $50 per head

1 course lunch $27.50 per head

Morning tea $9 per head

Dropoff only, share style.